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Corona Sonata op. 6

Saeed Habibzadeh_Beyond Notes Music Publishing_Cover_Corona Sonate


Corona Sonata



Saeed Habibzadeh


Year of publication




Susanne Hubel





Beyond Notes Music Publishing


Piano work in 3 movements





Score format

Bach format (230 x 305 mm)


Playing time

approx. 08:00 min


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The Corona Sonate (Corona Sonata) was a spontaneous inspiration. I was feeling endless sorrow when I saw the uncertainty and despair of many people in the summer of 2020 who were fearful and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Due to the coronavirus pandemic pandemic, they were suddenly left with nothing and had to fight for their existence. They were forced to close their shops and not leave their homes. Many lost their jobs and suffered from loneliness and existential fears.

Then I had the idea to give these people comfort and hope with my music. So I set up the camera and sat down at the piano. I published the composition and the video that was created spontaneously on my YouTube channel. The sonata was met with wide approval and delighted many people.

Afterwards, when I wanted to write down the Corona Sonate, completely different ideas came to me. These inspirations were so deep and sincere that I had to change, complement and complete the composition.

May this sonata be a beacon of hope for all people worldwide who are confronted with crises and profound changes now or in the future.

This work is dedicated with deep gratitude and humility to my wonderful coach Susanne Hubel. Because she has been accompanying me through all ups and downs for years.

Saeed Habibzadeh

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