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Saeed Habibzadeh's inspirations include over 6000 audio recordings (as of spring 2023).

They are digitally archived and form the basis of his compositions.


Saeed Habibzadeh's music takes the audience into unknown dimensions, in which there are colourful sounds, fairytale worlds, magical beings, adventure trips and countless stories to experience.

A world beyond notes!


His works consist of piano pieces, organ works and symphonic orchestrations about love, friendship, separation, joy, pain and death. His unconventional work also produces extraordinary piano pieces for children, bedtime music and even music box music. His musical world consists of unprecedented sounds that are a mixture of traditional and classical components, but also embody modern and contemporary elements.


His music connects us with the original source of our feelings and reminds us of our true being. His deep and sonorous music wants to give healing and peace to the soul through love and connectedness.

Opus 1

Opus 2

Opus 3

Opus 4

Opus 5

Opus 6

Opus 7

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