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Here you will find the latest publications, reviews and articles related to Saeed Habibzadeh's work.

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Article by TJPL News Magazine

UK, May 2023 issue

Get ready to be transported into a world of emotional intensity and innovation with Saeed Habibzadeh's latest album, Lost Men. As a classical and film composer, as well as a music producer, Habibzadeh is known for his genuine and heartfelt content, blending traditional orchestration with genres ranging from pop to jazz and EDM. Saeed Habibzadeh's Lost Men is not just any ordinary film music album. It's an ...

Article by Sistra

Egypt, May 4, 2023

I believe classical musicians have become a rare breed; it’s become challenging to encounter a talented classical composer and musician who isn’t just following Bach’s rules or too busy breaking them Beethoven’s way. Saeed Habibzadeh managed to take all his passion and knowledge for classical music and interpret it in his way. He has a style of his own and a sound so authentic that you could spot it from hundreds of tracks ...

Article by Sinusoidal Music

India, April 21, 2023

Saeed Habibzadeh is a classical, renaissance man. His approach to music is in arranging, organizing and evoking emotion. Compositions from this man incite rich images, using no words is an art. As he arranges, he visualizes. The arrangement, as well as the feelings they will elicit. This is his latest album, Lost Men ...

Article by Plastic Magazine

UK, April 19, 2023

Saeed Habibzadeh‘s new album, Lost Men, is a musical masterpiece that takes the listener on a journey through a world of love, loss and danger. The album is intended for a mafia film that revolves around an intense love story, and the music reflects themes such as hopeless infatuation, contract killing, assassination and power struggles. But beyond the cinematic narrative, the album is a tribute to all the men and ...

Article by TopMusic.News

UK, April 18, 2023

Known for his music ranging across a variety of genres, Saeed Habibzadeh has the ability to compose and produce music in a wide variety of genres such as pop, rock, country, electro-dance music, jazz, and more. There is no doubt that he is making music which is very special in the sense of the ability to touch the listener directly in the heart and to take them into a world beyond what is heard. Introducing his first ...

Article by Illustrate Magazine

USA, New York, April 18, 2023

Saeed Habibzadeh is an incredibly talented musician. He is a music producer as well as a composer for film and classical music, with a diverse body of work that includes pop, rock, country, EDM, jazz, etc. He is creating unique music that has the power to directly touch the listener’s heart and transport them to a realm beyond sound. Check out the exclusive interview below ...

Article by Good Music Radar

Netherlands, April 17, 2023

Saeed Habibzadeh is a classical and film music composer and a musical producer. He builds performative soundscapes with refined technique and sensational direction. The combined effect of orchestral classicals with real time emotions makes for a fantastic musical encounter. In his latest release, Wait For Me At Home, Saeed Habibzadeh explores the layered depths of the heart, using them to propel the sonic destiny ...

Article by KIMU

UK, April 16, 2023

Drawing us in with a rising synth and intricate piano, with nuanced bell detailing, creating an almost question and answer format, Saeed Habibzadeh opens his album Lost Men with the song Menu, and a sense of elegance and intrigue. Needless to say, we are in awe. The opening composition expands with a poetic piano melody which feels cinematic and emotive, a subversive melodic bassline draws us in further ...

Article by EDM Records

UK, April 9, 2023

Saeed Habibzadeh is a profoundly gifted composer and producer. He composes music across genres with a masterful, multi-talented touch. His debut film, Lost Men, showcases moving instrumental passages and tender love songs certain to stir the soul. The album houses 13 instrumental tracks and two emotive duets, “Wait for Me at Home” and “Nightfall,” vocalized by Susann Offenmüller. Habibzadeh designed this ...

Article by Punk Head

USA, California, April 9, 2023

Lost Men tells the destruction of love in the hands of violence and wars with music. Setting in the fast-paced world of mafia, the film music record marks the very first from the multi-talent composer, Saeed Habibzadeh. With soundscapes filled with love and tears, the epic album wonderfully and painfully choreographies the tenderness and innocence of love with a melancholy undertone. Under the stormy ...

Article by Iggy Magazine

France, April 4, 2023

The most beautiful things this life offers us are often the least expected and generally we are not ready to receive these miracles. Among these miracles that we did not expect, is the artist Saeed Habibzadeh who, with his immense talent, does not stop illuminating our lives. This time it is an album that has nothing to do with the previous titles, this musical magician managed to convince us. To a classic rhythm, ...

Article by Os Garotos de Liverpool - Tudo Sobre Música

Brazil, April 4, 2023

From Sarnen, Switzerland, this is a project that appears here in an unprecedented way, with work revealed on streaming platforms recently and that we will talk more about below. Released on the 14th of March, "Lost Men" is the name of this album that delivers 15 songs to the public, Over 42 minutes (almost) totally instrumental and covering different genres, such as pop, rock, country, EDM, Jazz, classical and ...

Article by Artistry Online

Italy, April 4, 2023

When we go to the cinema to see a film, there are many aspects we appreciate about a certain film. The acting of the cast is certainly one of them, and the identification with the characters is essential for the involvement of the spectators. We certainly evaluate the dialogues that must not be dull or superficial. Photography and locations are also important because they are the frame in which the action takes place ...

Article in in!

Brazil April 3, 2023

Composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Saeed Habibzadeh has just released his brilliant new album. "Lost Men" is the new album by the talented and genius Saeed Habibzadeh. With 15 new songs the artist takes us on a cinematographic journey. The first track on the album is the delicious and emotional "Menu", a light, slow song, with a nice piano and full of life and feelings, a song full of energy and ...

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